Services We Provide


The first step is a comprehensive assessment of your child’s current skill and developmental level.

We use a wide range of standardised assessments, observation of your child’s skills, parent interview and questionnaires to determine what is contributing to each child’s challenges. Using the results, we also provide a detailed report.

The assessment results will then guide us, so we can jointly set goals and develop your child’s individualised therapy program.

Assessments and reports are also provided to support requests for funding and for special provisions during examinations.

Individual Therapy Sessions

Following the assessment, individual therapy sessions are offered at the Miranda or Mosman office.

Therapists use a variety of techniques including play based therapy and skills training to develop your child’s skills.

Parents and caregivers are provided with exercises and strategies to practice at home to maximise your child’s learning.

Group Programs

Handwriting and school readiness groups are offered at the Miranda office throughout the year.

Telehealth Services

Sessions via video telehealth are also offered for individual therapy sessions and parent coaching consultations.

Community Consultations

Preschool and school consultations can be organised to co-ordinate therapy with your child’s teacher.

Upon request, we are happy to consult with other professionals involved with your child (e.g.: speech pathologist).

In-services for preschools and schools can be provided on request.

For enquiries about occupational therapy for your child, or to organise an assessment and therapy, please call:

Janine Painter